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AC Systems



Fujitsu provide smart air conditioning systems with a wide range of control options for comfortable control and convenient use.


Energy Recovery Ventilator

High Efficiency and low noise levels are achieved by using a highly efficient heat exchange process. A comfortable air conditioned space is achieved by conveniently selecting whether to use heat exchange or normal ventilation setting, according to the requirements of the conditioned space.


Light Commercial

Fujitsu offer comfortable and economical air conditioning systems focused on small to medium-sized buildings.

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Control System

Fujitsu provide a wide range of control systems such as simple remote controller, wireless and wire remote controller, and centralized control which can control up to 1600 indoor unit  .

Fujitsu also actively provides services that allow users to control air conditioners from their Smartphones.



Fujitsu  provide single and modular type VRF systems designed for high efficiency, comfort, freedom of design, easy installation and high reliability.


Hydronic Heating Systems


Hydronic Floor Heating Systems

  • Full and extensive range of pipes, fittings, manifolds, actuators and thermostats

  • For Domestic Hot Water needs

  • Air to Water Heat Pumps (Wide range of capacities and applications)


Hydronic Balancing & Control Systems

  • Manual Balancing Valves

  • Automatic Balancing Valves

  • Pressure Independent Control Valves

  • Hot Water Valves

  • Room Controllers

  • One-pipe Solutions

DANFOSS Hydronic Heating Systems

Electrical Heating Systems


Electrical Heating Systems 

  • Indoor Electrical Under Floor Heating

  • Outdoor Ice & Snow Melting

  • Pipe Tracing (Heating Cables on/inside Pipes)

  • Frost Protection (Floors, Doors & Gates, Drains, Antennas & Wires, Tank Systems and Concrete Hardening)

  • Agriculture (Heating of Stables, Seed Beds, Grass Areas)

  • Other Applications (Heating of Halls & Large Rooms, Heated Towel Rails, Heating of Bathroom Mirrors - mist free)

DEVI Electrical Heating Systems
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